To Defy Elton John’s Wise Words and to Step Out of Christmas

Ohhh, how it’s been so long. I’m so sorry I’ve been gone. I was busy writing songs for… Oh let’s not try and pretend. I am not going to quote Panic! At the Disco at you again. However, I should apologise to the small number of you who take the time to read my blog every week, because lets face it, I haven’t posted anything in a wa-Hi-all (while). And when I have posted, it has been on random days of the week instead of the usual Saturday. (Just like today, oh the shame.) Why haven’t I been locking myself in my bedroom with all the lights turned down and the blinds closed while writing? Well, wouldn’t you like to know? The truth is I am not really sure my excuse is a worthy one. In short I have been feeling festive! Which means most of my time has been consumed with shopping, planning and more shopping.


I have been buying presents, wrapping paper, frozen pigs in blankets and way too many mince pies. I have stepped into Christmas. For the past month all I have been able to think about is “oh, what will thingy want?” or yelling “where is my parcel?!” You see, for me Christmas shopping is a sport. I must find the most fitting present for everyone and once wrapped it must look beautiful. And man do I have fun spending all my money and being able to justify every penny spent. When I was a kid I used to love Christmas. Like really like Christmas. I used to get excited in September! For the past month I have really loved Christmas.

However, just like a new toy, it eventually becomes less exciting and now the festive fog which engulfed me for the past month, has lifted. This time two weeks ago I was excited for Xmas, now I am not. Whereas before I was looking forward to eating mince pies, now the site of them makes me feel ill. I was looking forward to wrapping all my presents up, yet now I just cannot be bothered.  It would appear that I have ran out of festive steam and have become…  cue Kill Bill music…  A BAH HUMBUG!

Does anyone else start Christmas shopping early and then get fed up with it half way through November? Post a comment or tweet me if you do!

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