There is Much Power in the Art of Bathing

There is Much Power in the Art of Bathing

I have always thought of myself as more of a shower fan. They are quick, they get ya squeaky clean and man are they refreshing after a hot sweaty day. However, it wasn’t until my bath broke that I realised how much I depended on them. I used to think they were a lot of hassle with a small pay off. I would always make the bath too hot or too cold. Or I would sit in the bath for five minutes before I got silly bored. But no, baths are amazing and here is why myself and others think so.

WP_20150313_16_27_42_ProPersonally I love baths because they can influence your mood. They can help induce sleep, reduce stress and help yourself recover from that horrible virus thing which is going around at the moment. For instance, if you need to relax use lavender or chamomile scented bubble bath. If you need to wake up use products with orange or lemon grass in. If you want a romantic bath, try rose and jasmine scents. You could even put flower petals in the water and light candles. For achy muscles you could use honey or minty bubbles. For fun baths you could use sweeter smelling products like bubblegum and candy floss. You could even get bath bombs bursting with colour or ones with glitter. So, there ya go, there is a bath product for every mood. 

There are also loads of different forms of bath product which you can put into your bath. A bath shouldn’t be soaking in plain water with bits of bath dirt floating around in it. These days you can use bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bars, liquid bubble bath, you name it. There are so many bath bombs out there which put on amazing shows and look super impressive in the water. There are loads of foamy products too if you are a fan of the bubbly bubble baths. There is so much more to a bath than just sitting in water.

So I have told you why I like baths but why do other people like them?

Emma (age 19): “I like baths because it’s nice to be able to have your own space. It feels like you’re draped in a nice warm blanket of smelly goodness and it creates the right head space to chill out and reflect, especially after a manic day.”

Tom (age 22): “I love baths because it’s a stress release and makes you clean.”

Kerry (age 22): “To be honest I don’t really like taking baths. Although I did have a nice one after the half marathon, it helped soothe my muscles after a long run!”

Teresa (age 55): “When I am cold they warm me up.”

Liam (age 21): “They help me relax and think. I enjoy the feeling of water around me. I also like the smell and bath bombs because they fizz.”

Zara (age 26): “They are foamy. Plus I think they clean you better than a shower does. They are minimal effort as a shower is fifteen minutes of hard work. A bath is like a car wash, you just lay there and the water does it all for you. It soaks off all the dirt and leaves you smelling good.”

Liam (age 20): “I like baths so I can make bubble beards.”

Oscar (age 21): “I have great respect for the art of bath crafting. I don’t even know where to begin with constructing a bath, so I find them impressive.”

So there are loads of people out there who love baths, myself included.  There is much power in the art of bathing. The big question is, have I convinced you to take a bath? If not, then I haven’t done my job properly. Either that, or you really don’t like baths, which is cool… I guess?

(Let me know what you like about baths by posting below or using the ole Twitter.)

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