The Day I Got Locked Out Of The House

The Day I Got Locked Out Of The House
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This is Harry

The evening before I got locked out, my sister’s cat Harry had gone missing. When Harry goes out he usually sits in the back garden chilling. He isn’t very adventurous at all. Earlier that day my dad was fixing the porch light outside the front door and little Harry adventured into unknown territory. Later that evening I found him underneath a bush, terrified. We all felt it was safe to say Harry should only be let out into the back garden as it is a familiar environment for him.

The next day I awoke super early. I am quite an early person, but half seven on a day off was crazy. I pondered what to do for a while and decided that my room needed a bit of a spruce. Clothes were everywhere and tons of old plastic bottles and a couple of pizza boxes were still on the sofa. I cleared away the clothes, but the room still looked untidy because of the rubbish. I sorted all the recyclable stuff into a big box ready to go in the recycling bins in my front garden.

Now I should mention that I was wearing Christmas Cocoa Cola bottoms and a Christmas cat t-shirt. Why I didn’t wear matching pajamas I will never know. Fortunately I did put on some slippers, this isn’t something I usually do, but it was a chilly morning, but I digress.

I took the recycling downstairs and popped it on the garden wall when I noticed Harry in the doorway.  I didn’t want him to escape out the front as I was worried he would get lost again. I was so busy watching him that I didn’t notice the door was only a few centimeters away from closing. Eyes still sorta on Harry, the door jutted into the fixture and I heard the lock click into place. I had locked myself out. And so there I was, abandoned in my front garden with no keys and no mobile phone. I can remember saying “shit” very loudly.

The clothes I was wearing

I began trying to think of a solution. My mother and sister hadn’t long left to go to the dentist and then later, shopping. Perhaps they were still down the bottom of the road? I legged it down the road. Rocks jabbed into the bottom of my slippers and god only knows what my neighbors thought. When I reached the bottom of the road their silver car was not parked on the hill. They had already left. This resulted in me swearing even more. More offensive words this time.

I went back to my front garden to double check that I was definitely locked out. Yep, I was still locked out. I then went around to the back garden, but that door was also locked. Feeling hopeless I sat on the back step for a little while. I just needed to think of a logical way out of this situation. Waiting for mum to come back would mean hours of waiting in the garden in my Christmas wear. The only option was to walk up to my boyfriend’s house and use his phone to call my mum to let her know that I was locked out. However, that would involve a twenty minutes walk up five hills  in my Christmas pajamas.

At first I dismissed the idea, but after some thought it became the only plausible option. And so I set off for Liam’s house. I ran up the first couple of hills and I can remember thinking “man I am too unfit for this shit.”

Finally I made it to Liam’s house. I was a little bit nervous as I knew that Liam and his family would find this situation hilarious. I rung the door bell, but the door was already open and I let myself in. While trying to get my breath back I shouted out”hello, is anyone in?” I heard a surprised shout out from Liam upstairs. His family were out. And so it seemed like I had dodged the hilarity, however, when I told Liam the story, he burst out laughing. I was not amused.

Once he had calmed down from his laughing I called my mother, who also burst out laughing. My mum was finished up at the dentist, but hadn’t left for Asda. After a short wait my mum picked me up from Liam’s, drove me home and let me back into the house. I then finished cleaning my room. It was an exciting morning.

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