The Nexus Level Doughnut?

The Nexus Level Doughnut?

The Xbox and Krispy Kreme collaboration struck me as odd. Then again didn’t PlayStation and Greggs team up? It would appear that the world of advertising has gone completely mad! That or this creative advertising works? 

Aesthetically, the doughnut looks pleasing to the eye. The bright green icing is perhaps a tad too dark to be the correct shade of “Xbox” green, but the icing sugar cuts out the “X” well, albeit the lines are a tad clumsy. All in all, thumbs up on looks! It doesn’t look bad. 

However, as I bite into the Nexus Level doughnut my first thought is “what on earth is that taste?” It would seem that the green icing tastes how Krispy Kreme imagine the Xbox console to taste. Having never licked my Xbox, I cannot say for certain they nailed it, but I can say that it is not nice. 

Now the dough itself is on point. It’s fluffy, springy, fresh and tastes carba-licious. The brownie filling is not bad either. It’s thick which means it doesn’t roll out of the doughnut and down your face when you bite into it. I must confess I am not a huge fan of chocolate though… 

This leads me to the question; what about Xbox made Krispy Kreme think “oh yeah, let’s give it a brownie filling?” Arguably nothing screams of Xbox taste-wise, but with a bogey green top and a filling that looks like poop, I am not sure what they were thinking? I suppose this would appeal to adolescents? 

My verdict? Don’t bother, if you fancy chocolate I would get the Nutty Chocolatta. For a whopping 370 calories, I want something much tastier.

For me, it’s a Nexus Dough-Not!

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