The Dead Body and The Christmas Present Dream

I haven’t posted one of my dreams in a while and since I had a pretty terrifying one a few nights a go I thought I would share it with you. According to the book I use to decipher what dreams mean, apparently my fate is similar to that of Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Good job I don’t actually believe that dreams mean anything then right?

Remember to hover over bold words to find out what each aspect of this dream means according to Mr Edwin Raphael. Reference: Raphael, E, (1992) The Complete Book of Dreams, Slough: Foulsham

So here goes, enjoy!

It is a dark, dingy day and it is raining heavily. My friend (a girl I used to go to school with) and I are in a strange metal structure just down the road from my old secondary school. The strange thing about the shack is that it is positioned where a road is in real life. We are both dressed in our black school jumpers with a bright yellow logo. I must be fifteen or sixteen years old. I am stood in the doorway of the shack watching the rain. I have one of those big umbrellas which are too big to fold up and put into a bag and I am tapping it on the floor. As the umbrella jumps up and down I notice that it has a different logo on it, but it still says the name of my school.

I hear a loud tinny noise and I turn around to see my friend trying to lug a dead body into a wardrobe next to the door I am stood by. I can just about make out the wardrobe in the bad light. To the right of the door is another room, but it is too dark and I cannot see anything in it. My friend yells in a distressed tone, “help me get it in here please.” However, I just watch her struggle.

The dream dissolves into another one.

It is Christmas day. My family and I are in my bedroom. I am passing around parcels wrapped in blue and pink paper. For some reason my bed is raised higher than usual and loads of boxes and bags of rubbish are scattered over it. As I begin to pass more parcels around, I notice that there are other people in the room who I do not recognise.

My mother asks “who is this pressie for?” and I reply, “oh that one is for Lord Hexham.” My mum explains to me that the Hexham’s have already left and that I must chase after them to give them their presents. In my head I think, they cannot leave without their Pandora charms.

Downstairs, I open the front door. My cat Jub Jub runs out of the house before I have time to close it. He runs away and I begin to chase him down the road. I run past a few houses before I come to an alley. There I find a woman just led on the floor in the middle of the pavement. She appears to be well dressed and so I decipher that she isn’t homeless. Jub Jub appears to be curled up on her, purring happily. I yell his name; however, he just continues to purr away. This upsets me and I run away crying. I am also angry as I don’t want to feel upset at Christmas.

Back at my house, my family are still in my bedroom unwrapping presents. I feel really sad and upset that my cat is spending Christmas day with someone else and not me. I sit down next to the door when my Dad mentions that the authorities have found two school umbrellas in a bin next to the metal shack. He comments that these umbrellas where worth sixty-five pounds each. My heart skips a beat. I say that the umbrellas belong to a friend of mine, but she lost them a few years ago.

I begin to process the information and then I begin to panic. I think, if they have found the umbrellas then it won’t be soon before long that they find the dead body. I begin to try and justify how everything will be ok. Firstly, we didn’t kill the guy, we just found him in the shack.

As I begin to really break down into panic mode I realise that all of this isn’t real. I realise that it is just a dream that I must wake up because it is just a bad dream.

I then wake up.

One thought on “The Dead Body and The Christmas Present Dream

  1. Hi Chloe, it’s Annie, we met in Lush. I love your blog/website. Re your dream:
    To me, the darkness & the dead body would represent breaking free from the past, yet not knowing fully what that future is to be. An alley: again, I’d say life direction. Rain I would see as the flow of emotions through your writing: self-expression. Christmas: a pagan festival of abundance. Presents coming to you?
    I don’t know about umbrellas. Protection from the flow of emotions in the rain?
    The number 65 is interesting. 6+5=11, a peace and mastery number. Centreing and focusing on the writer within. I like to see all dreams as positive.
    It was lovely to meet you, & I contacted the Uni. Creative Writing Dept. Thanks so much! Annie.

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