No Day Like Today

No Day Like Today

When I awoke this morning I felt very grouchy. I was pissed off that it was seven thirty already. Oh doesn’t time fly when you are asleep eh?  I was even more annoyed because I had to search the house about four times before I found my left shoe (it was under the sofa… who puts a shoe under the sofa?) I am not going to lie, the day started off badly and usually when days start off bad they tend to get worse and worse as the day goes on.


However, when I left the house my mood shifted into a happy ray of happiness. The sun was shining through the mist. Well I say mist but I live awfully close to the London Road which also happens to be one of the most polluted places in Bath, so it could have been pollution.  But I digress, I was in a cheerful mood. The low sun ricocheted through the nooks of nearby houses creating that blazed godly glow. Warmth covered the city like a blanket does a child. The shadow of trees and buildings acted as a cool refuge for my cat Jub Jub to sleep. The grass had recently been cut giving the estate a beautiful fresh aroma, or for all the hay fever sufferers out there, a sneezing fit. And the sky was blue! I cannot stress this enough. Blue, I tell ya! Not slightly blue with a tinge of grey upon the horizon, but genuinely blue, internet explorer logo blue! There wasn’t really any wind either, but every now and then some grass shavings would shift in a gentle breeze. To my absolute excitement, I could get away with wearing just a cardigan instead of a long sleeve top, a cardigan, a hoodie and a jacket.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that the weather was beautiful this morning. I am writing this blog post at five twenty six and the weather is still beautiful.  This is the weather I have been waiting for all winter. This is the sun which I craved on those rainy days we thought would never end. This is the warmth that marks the end of that cold period which I thought was the beginning of a new Ice Age.

Which leads me to my big question: If the weather is positively beautiful, then way is it that after work I rushed straight home and into my house?  Why am I sat here in my chilly, black and silver decorated room with the blind down? My hands are actually genuinely cold as I write this as well. I mean what is my problem? Why am I not out there enjoying the sun? Am I turning into some sort of vampire?

Is there a real excuse for my hypercritical tendencies though? Or is it that when it comes to the weather I will complain when it is sunny and also when it is cold? Am I just too darn fussy? I genuinely feel it is the latter. When I left work the weather had not really changed, (perhaps it got a little bit hotter) yet my opinion of the weather had certainly changed.


While walking along the London Road toward home it felt like the desert, there was even sand on the side walk were some builders were sorting out the paving stones, so it even looked like a desert. A bubble of heat surrounded cars like electrons do protons and neutrons. Every time the cars drove past me a puff of heat hit me in the face. A twinge of pain developed over my right eye into a sharp pain over the course of my journey from where I was squinting. The sun beams were oh so strong. I had also foolishly left my water bottle at work so I was on the verge of dehydration. My body felt tired and weak. And I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t feel this way if the weather was cool… and it was raining.

See, my problem is that I simply cannot adapt to extreme climate change. I mean come on, this time last week it was tipping it down. Which links to my other problem; I want what I can’t have. I want an inbetweeny state of weather where it is not too hot and not too cold. I don’t want it to rain and I want a slight breeze which cools me down. Basically, I want a light breezy day where I can sit under a tree and complain about the glare on my laptop screen or book page. Since this ideal weather of mine was not that of today, and lets face it, it probably never will get here, I will just go for what I can get; a can of Pepsi and a couple of hours playing Crash Bandicoot.

So I guess I should apologise to you Mother Nature, it would seem that no matter what weather you give us, I am not easily impressed.

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