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There once was a time when I would have to travel to London or Poole to get my Experimenter bath bomb or my Comforter shower cream, but alas, this is no longer the case. Why did I hear you ask? Well, it’s because my closest shop (Bath) now sell some of those delicious and tantalisingly refreshing Oxford Street exclusives. The pain from all the discontinued products is now just a memory of a bad dream. Do I miss Sweetie Pie shower jelly? Not any more because I have Refresher shower jelly. Do I miss Dorothy? Na, I much prefer the Milky Bath bubble bar. Do I still miss Phoenix Rising? Yeah, but some wounds just take longer to heal right? I guess the Frozen bath bomb is helping me through this hard time. But that is enough of me talking, lets check out my latest Lush haul!

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Layer Cake Soap


The beauty of this soap is that each layer has a different fruit juice! The piece of soap in the picture is just a small segment as there is also a red and purpler layer. What makes this soap even better? It’s inspired by the Great British Bake Off! The orange layer is, well, orange flavour. The green layer is white grape and the yellow layer is pineapple. Nom. The red layer is raspberry and the purple layer is blueberry. Meanwhile orange runs through all the layers to compliment all the other deliciously juicy fragrances. This soap smells like jelly babies! It is possibly my favourite soap, ever.

Love and Light Hand Cream


Have I ever mentioned that I adore the smell of neroli? It literally makes me happy. Did you know that neroli increases the serotonin production in the brain? This means it will lift your mood. It’s also blended with Brazilian orange to make the smell even more uplifting. This hand cream also has jojoba which will moisturise and condition the skin. Cocoa butter will hydrate. This hand cream is so light that it is perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of product on the skin after application as it absorbs into the skin oh so quickly.

Rub Rub Rub (Solid) Body Scrub



For many of us Rub Rub Rub is one of our favourite products. Why is there a solid version if the original potted version is so great? It’s all about ethics. The solid version is naked which means by buying this one you are cutting down on packaging. It is also self preserving! It’s also super easy to use. Just scrub scrub scrub it over your body and rinse, just like sugar scrub. Ingredient wise, the solid version is pretty close the potted one. However, the solid also contains illipe and cupuacu butters to soften, nourish and moisturise. It also looks really pretty.

Pumice Power Foot Soap


How does one use this product? Just use it like a regular soap, but for the feet. Pumice power is packed with a ton of pumice powder, so much pumice that it’s fifty percent pumice. This will buff and get rid of all those nasty bits of hard or tough skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. It also contains organic sweet orange oil for that nice refreshing feeling. Glycerine is also present, which is a humectant. This means it will retain moisture.

Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair Shower Gel


Need to find a replacement for Flying Fox? I think this one might tickle your fancy. This shower gel shares the same fragrance as the perfume, Cocktail. At first sniff this shower gel is super floral. It contains lavender, rose and jasmine. To me, it smells like a cross between Twilight shower gel and Rose Jam. Guava and fig juice invigorate while providing lots of antioxidants to cleanse the skin for that squeaky clean feeling. Oh and I love the colour of this one. It reminds me of wine.

Yuzu And Cocoa Bubbleroon


Okay, so this one may not be a ‘new’ product, but it has been redesigned. It now looks like a delicious cake and to me the scent is much more potent. It still has that amazing chocolate orange, coconuty scent and it still operates in the same way. Just crumble under the tap and it will bubble like crazy. It contains avocado, banana and shea butter for a beautifully, luxurious, moisturising bath.  The Rose Jam and Green bubbleroon have also been redesigned too as well as many other bath time favourites!

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