My Trip to Lush Oxford Street

My Trip to Lush Oxford Street

I am sure many of you will already be aware of the new Lush Oxford Street store. The store is three floors, has a spa and stocks two hundred and twenty six exclusive products. The staff are as helpful as ever and if you stop by, check out their cool fragrance booths.

For my boyfriends birthday it just so happened that I found myself in London town. Being a massive Lush fan I had to take a quick look (and by a quick look I mean an hour and half.) Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money to buy all the exclusives, but I did leave with some fancy goodies. Here is what I got:

Moisturising Shower Cream

As a fan off both The Comforter and the Yuzu And Cocoa Bubbleroon I had to leave the store with the shower equivalents. There is also a shower cream edition of the Christmas favourite, Lord of Misrule. The Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream is meant to smell like chocolate orange but to me it smells like coconut and grapefruity goodness. As for the Comforter shower cream it is very similar to the bubble bar. It is packed with blackberry and vanilla infusion and also cassis absolute. Oh, and it has a bit of snowflake lustre in it too.

Bath Oils

Before visiting the Oxford store I had never seen these little guys. But, I am assuming they are very similar to the Lush bath melts. In fact, the Melting Marshmallow Moment and You’ve been Mangoed bath melts have been made into bath oils. Even though they are little I have been told they go a long way. Just pop them into the water and step into a moisturising bath. The Melting Marshmallow bath oil is a very sweet, candy floss scented oil. I am A Radiant Being is geranium, rose and lemon scented and Razzle Dazzle is Persian lime and bergamot. Of course, these are only three of many more bath oils.

The Mechanic Cold Pressed Soap


One of the things I liked about the cold pressed soap was that they come in a standard size so you don’t have to get them cut down. I think out of all the things I bought, this has to be the best scented. The Mechanic is exfoliating as it has pumice in it and is packed with rosemary infusion, orris root powder and Fair Trade olive oil.  This soap has a herby aroma about it, but it is also very sweet. I do like sweet things.

Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder


Lush do various Toothy Tabs but I have never seen tooth powder before. As a long time user of the Dirty Toothy Tabs, I had to give Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder a go. In the picture it is difficult to tell, but there is snowflake lustre in this product and so has a slight shimmer. Beetroot powder, strawberry extract and also lemon oil blend together to create a really fruity but zingy scent. I think this one has to be one of the most interesting of all the new exclusive products. Simply dip your tooth brush into the powder and brush your teeth as normal.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb

I have seen this bath bomb scattered all over the internet recently, so I had to pick one up to try for myself. The bath bomb is a very interesting shape and has two colours either side as well as a colour in the middle. The sales assistant I talked to told me that each one takes around fifteen minutes to dissolve into the water and that each one come out slightly different in colour. Although I cannot pinpoint the smell, it is very musky. At first sniff I wasn’t too keen, but after a few more sniffs I decided that I actually really liked the smell. I must admit, this bath bomb looks pretty darn impressive.

 Refesher Shower Jelly


The Refresher shower jelly is one of a few exclusive shower jellies at Oxford Street. This jelly is a tangy lemon scent but is slightly sweet. It smells a lot like sherbet and it reminds me a lot of the Avobath bath bomb. It also has glitter in it and does sort of resemble the Easter limited edition product, Pot O’Gold. Carrageenan seaweed extract makes up the base of this jelly which means it will be super moisturising. I have also been told that if you put it into the fridge or freezer before showering it is amazing.

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