My Third Trip to Lush Oxford Street

My Third Trip to Lush Oxford Street

Do I even need to write an introduction for this one? Na. I don’t think I do. Here is my latest Lush Oxford Street haul. (And my last Lush Oxford Street post.) Enjoy!

Sea Salted Caramel Soap


This soap contains course sea salt which is perfect for buffing away any dead skin and making your skin feel soft and smooth. Organic agave syrup adds a lovely sweet aroma, meanwhile Fair Trade vanilla absolute makes it uplifting. This soap is deliciously sweet. It is so delicious that I have been using it as an air freshener in my bedroom for the past few weeks. Om, nom, nom, nom, nom.

Sun Bath Oil


What do I think of the sun fragrance? Well, I love it’s orangy aroma and pithy tang. It reminds me of hot cross buns at Easter and that satsuma which you get in your Christmas stocking. I am a massive fan of the sun fragrance. So what do I think of the sun bath oil? Simply beautiful. The blend of oils and golden lustre made it a luxurious treat for the bath. It is like bathing in Easter and Christmas goodness.

Arty Eye Powder

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So it may have taken me several hours (I exaggerate) to choose which colour to go for, but I picked this one as it has the most beautiful silver shimmer to it. I have tried a few of the lipsticks in the past and they are pretty hard wearing. This eye shadow, however, is even more amazing. It lasts all day, it stays bold and it looks gorgeous. When I first applied it I did make a bit of a mess. The trick is to only put a little bit on the brush. This eye shadow is top notch.

Enzymic Roulade Shower Smoothie


It looks like a yummy, nommy dessert and so it had me at first sight. Enzymic is, well, it’s very enzymic. But, what does enzymic even mean? Well enzymic ingredients like pineapple and papaya work their way across the skin, munching on access oils and dirt, leaving the skin bright and soft. This one also contains geranium and you all know how much I love geranium, right? Just tare a piece off, add a bit o’ water and it will lather up like, like something which lathers up well.

Latte Lip Tint


Ok, I will just come out and admit it. I am very aware of germy things and that is why I hate tinned lip balms. All those potential germs festering in my balm from my dirty mitts– Oh I just can’t cope with the idea of it. And that is why I give much praise to Lush for repackaging this lip tint. Coffee and Fair Trade vanilla make it smell beautiful and man does it add a shimmer and shine to the lips.

Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar


Jasmine absolute, rosewood oil, neroli oil, and orange flower absolute make this one a corker. Like a lovely cup of tea, this tea bag shaped reusable bubble bar will definitely lift the spirits. I have mentioned before that I love neroli right? What is even more awesome about this product is that you can use it again and again. Just pop it under the tap and the bubbles will appear in a flurry. Oh and there is some snowflake lustre in this one too. I do likes a bit of glitter.

The Man in the Mushroom Mask Fresh Face Mask


Organic aloe vera powder and aloe gel allows this product to become best friends with sensitive skin. Meanwhile, African honey, jojoba oil and avocado do all the hydrating and conditioning. Oh, and turmeric powder brightens, while soya yogurt gives it a beautiful texture. Mmm, it smells pretty good too. How would I describe this mask? It is a fresh, milky and earthy heaven.

Shiny Happy People Patch


This is one of a few patches on sale. You can also get other patches named after gift sets like cosmic and also pop. They are super cheap and cheerful. (Literally cheap at only one pound fifty and literally cheerful. I mean come on, it is a smiley face. Don’t tell me this smiley face isn’t cheering you up.) The patch is easy to apply as all you have to do is iron it on. It’s just so cute!

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