Merry Lushmas!

Merry Lushmas!

Hello! So I haven’t posted nearly enough content about Christmas and since I haven’t done a Lush post in a while, I figured why not do a Christmas Lush post. Hmm, I can just make out a mumble, “but the Lush Christmas range came out in what, September? Why have you left it so late to do a post?” Well folks, because I thought I would give all you last minute shoppers some last minute ideas for those last minute presents. Well, and I have been super busy wrapping up these Lush things for gifts rather than writing about them!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel


So the first item is Snow Fairy. Many people know and love it. In fact it has a small cult following behind it. It smells like pear drops or candyfloss. Hmmm, I can’t decide myself, but it is definitely something sweet. This little guy only ever comes out at Christmas and I think there would be a massive mob at Lush HQ if it didn’t return one year. What is special about this years Snow Fairy? It is self preserving! This means it is a wee bit more natural because they don’t use safe synthetic preservatives to keep it fresh. If you like the smell of Snow Fairy try the Father Christmas bath bomb or the Fairy Dust dusting powder.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb


This bath bomb is brand new to the Christmas range this year. It’s sister is the Yog Nog soap, and since that product went down such a treat last year I am not surprised that they remastered the sweet fudge smell into a bath bomb alternative. The soap is great, but for me, the bath bomb is way better. Yog Nog turns the water fluorescent yellow and has a slight shimmer. Organic shea butter and soya milk powder make this one a creamy and moisterising treat for the bath.

Santa’s Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint

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What I like the most about this years Christmas range is that there is a special Christmas product in every part of the shop. This year Santa’s lip scrub and Santa Baby have made a come back in the mouth section. For those of you who are unfamiliar with lip scrubs, take a scoop of lip scrub outta the pot, rub it on your lips and then lick away (yes they are totes edible!) The caster sugar will buff away any dead skin, meanwhile jojoba oil will hydrate and soften. For more hydration and a touch of Christmassy red, use the Santa Baby lip tint afterwards. The tint smells warm and wintry and is super creamy.

Christingle Body Conditioner


Body conditioners are amazing. Pop them onto the skin in the shower and then rinse off. Christingle is packed with loads of  Fair Trade shea butter and murumuru butter. Shea is nourishing and hydrating, meanwhile, murumuru butter is protecting and moisterising. By applying a body conditioner in the shower means you don’t have to use body lotion outta the shower. This is perfect because I hate waiting for lotion to dry. What makes Christingle different to Ro’s Argan and African Paradise body conditioners is that Christingle is packed with tons of peppermint and spearmint oil. Mint is designed to freshen the skin and make you feel all tingly like you have just walked outside on a frosty morning.

It’s Christmas Deer Knot-wrap


So, I am not gonna lie, I bought this because I thought it was cute, however, they can also be used for gift wrapping. Personally, I have began to hate wrapping. It takes hours, it’s boring and I always seem to lose my scissors down the side of the sofa. Knot-wraps allow you to make up your own custom Lush gift and the staff will even tie it altogether at the till. Of course you don’t have to wrap Lush stuff up in it. I like to wear mine in my hair. What I like the most is that this knot-wrap (like many others) are recycled from two plastic bottles.

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