Me? A Dating Expert? Wah?

Recently I took over from my good pal, Adam, as a writer for SmartDatingUK. What does this mean? Well it means I write about dating now as well as Lush products, Lego and all the other stuff I find myself writing about. Why am I telling you? Well I thought you would like to know. Also, it got me thinking about relationships. You know, how they can make one make one man weep and another man sing… Wait, isn’t that a song? Let’s try a different analogy. You know how relationships can help some people become the best versions of themselves whereas sometimes the just drive us to the Ben and Jerrys? Oh and how every now and then something embarrassingly funny happens. So I thought that every now and then I would share a funny dating story. Below is today’s story.

Last year two friends of mine got out of a serious relationship. When Jerry was explaining to his mother that he and his girlfriend had split up his mother replied with “next time, don’t date a vegetarian because they are hard to cook for. When you meet a nice girl, ask her if she eats meat.” He then had to explain that he couldn’t ask a girl that because these day eating meat has a different meaning. (You know what I am on about right? Ya know eating meat. Wink wink, nudge, nudge.) I am sure that was fun for him explaining that one!

If you have a funny dating story please tweet me or leave a comment below. I would love to hear your anecdotes!

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