Legotastic- The Simpsons Series Two

Hey Hey Hey! Looks like I’ve collected some more Simpsons Lego Minifigures. Do you know what that means? It means now I have to show you them! (It also means that there are loads of Lego customers for the Lego Kwik-E-Mart. I am sure Lego Apu will be thrilled. Think of all the Lego money he will make!) So here is what I thought of the second Simpsons Minifigure Series.

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Bart-  I think his El Barto outfit is pretty cool. Even though the body of the figure is pretty much the same as the other Bart Simpson Lego figures the edition of the cape and slingshot relate to the TV show excellently..

Edna Krabappel- I am glad they eventually made Edna into a Lego figure as I think that it really pays tribute to Marcia Wallace who voiced her character in the show. It is as if Marcia lives on in Lego form. Plus I like her accessory. A picture of Woodrow? Oh, what a classic.

Groundskeeper Willie-  “Make way for Willie!” I think I would have cried if he wasn’t present in this series.

Hans Moleman- Hmm, if Hans wasn’t in this series I don’t think I would have missed him. I think I would have preferred Principle Skinner or someone else in his place. His voided drivers license accessory sure is adorable though. I must admit that the licence made it that little bit easier to find him when I was poking the packets.

Martin- The edition of Martin in this series means that there are quite a few of Bart’s school yard Lego chums. And it makes me wonder if a Lego Springfield is in the pipeline? Man wouldn’t that be cool? I like the small pen and pencil pocket decal on this figure too. Nice attention to detail Lego.

Professor Frink- I would have liked to see some hamburger ear muffs with this figure but beggars can’t be choosy. It is nice to see Professor Frink in this series as he is one of the best recurring characters. (In my opinion any way.)

Comic Book Guy- Worst Minifigure ever! Well not really. Comic Book Guy is actually pretty cool. It just bugs me that his head is twice the size of his body. Maybe Lego could have added some extra padding to  give Comic Book Guy some love handles?

Millhouse as Fallout Boy- Not going to lie, every single time I see the words “Fall Out Boy” in one sentence I begin to sing Sugar We’re Going Down Swinging in my head. Like El Barto, I think that this outfit is a nice spin on an already used character. I am not entirely sure why he is holding buzz cola though? Am I forgetting a reference from the show?

Homer- This Minifigure is a bit disappointing really. Out of all of the different outfits Homer wears in the show it is beyond me why they went with this one? They could have had Mr Plow Homer, Pie Man Homer or even King Size Homer. I hope future series explore these outfits!

Marge- Recently I have found myself watching a lot of Simpson re-runs. Ok, bingeing whole Simpson series in one go. (Simpsons is excellent pre-bed TV.) And I have to say that Marge hardly ever wears her orange outfit. Her green outfit with the hat appears to be a lot more popular, which makes me wonder why they choose to give her the orange outfit? I would quite like to see Marge in her Chanel outfit in a future series though.

Maggie- Maggie looks the same as all the other Simpsons Minifigures. Begins to cry. The only reason why I bought this Minifigure again was A) to complete the set and B) because of Santa’s little helper. Yes, I paid two pounds fifty for a tiny little Lego dog. What is life?

Lisa- Lisa looks adorable and I am super happy they included Snowball II in the series as well as Santa’s Little Helper. (You guys know I am a crazy cat lady.) In the show Lisa also wears a hat with this outfit, perhaps that could have been an accessory? I can see why they didn’t though. It would have been difficult making it detachable.

Patty and Selma- Again, like Hans Moleman, I feel that these two Minifigures don’t really add anything to the series. These figures are essentially the same and, unlike Moleman, their accessories don’t even make them interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen Patty with a bag in the show. Cigarettes would have been a better accessory but I know why they wouldn’t include a fag in the set. Not exactly appropriate for a kids toy eh?

Dr Hibbert- It would have been cool if he had a lolly pop as an accessory, but the X-ray of Homers head is pretty awesome. If you look closely at it you can see a crayon crammed in Homer’s brain which is a reference for the episode where Homer becomes really smart after removing said crayon. I am chuffed with the edition of Dr Hibbert.

Smithers- Finally Lego Mr Burns has a Lego Smithers to do his bidding for him. It would have been quite easy for them to give him a Mr Burns related accessory but I like the fact that they included a Malibu Stacy doll box. This references the episode Lisa Vs Malibu Stacy.  That episode is one of my favourites.

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