Legotastic- The Simpsons House Edition

With the announcement of  a new Simpsons Lego set this week, I figured why not review the original? So here goes.

I was thrilled to receive The Simpsons Lego house as a Christmas present from my sister and my dad. It was something which I had wanted for a very long time, since I am a massive fan of the show and I have a bit of a Lego addiction… Okay, a massive addiction. Is there a Lego Anonymous group out there somewhere which I can join? Don’t get me wrong, I think it is freaking awesome, but here is what I thought worked and what I thought could have been improved.

So firstly the house looks super impressive. Super duper impressive actually. From the outside it resembles the house from the TV show perfectly, even down to the crooked aerial on the roof.

On the inside there are many of the rooms featured in the show. There is a front room, a kitchen, a hallway, Lisa’s bedroom, Bart’s bedroom, Marge and Homer’s bedroom, a bathroom and a garage. Even though the rooms are fairly small, each has a lot of detail. Lisa’s room has a dressing table, complete with hair brush. Bart’s room has a desk and comic books. Even his lucky red cap is included. The iconic Simpsons TV sits in the front room and there is even the piano where Homer wrote his hit single “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders.” The garage is amazing too. It is equipped with various bit’s and bobs such as tools and spray cans. The family Sedan fits perfectly within it and the garage door also opens in case Homer is needed for a swift emergency. You also get the famous mailbox and a BBQ, complete with sausages, eating utensils and a frying pan. Visually, it is just, wow!

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An issue I had with it though was that there were a few rooms missing, like the dining room and Maggie’s room. The classic Simpsons fridge is also missing. I understand that Lego had to fit a lot into such a small scale, but it is a shame that these things are missing. From various episodes we also know that there is a Bath in the Simpsons bathroom, however in the Lego set there isn’t a Bath. Unfortunately there is a tiny shower in it’s place. It is just a little bit disheartening because the hall way is twice the size of the bathroom. Maybe if they minimised the hallway they could have added a bath? The addition of a  basement would have also been really awesome as a lot of episodes are set within it, like the episode where Marge becomes agoraphobic and the episode where Homer organises a photo shoot in it. The house in the UK costs between £180.00- £200.00 and a basement would have certainly made it more value for money. I understand that a basement might have made the outside less visually pleasing, so I will let Lego off for that one.


As a Simpsons minifigure series was released along side the house, other characters and items can also be added into it. For instance, iv’e put Ralph’s I choo choo choose you valentines card on Lisa’s wall and also Blinky’s fish bowl in the kitchen. I have also put Grampa on the toilet and Milhouse and Bart running up the stairs. I have even added in Lego items outside the Simpsons Lego universe, like a pizza box which came with a pizza delivery minifigure from series twelve. Even though; Marge, Lisa, Homer, Bart, Maggie and Flanders come with the house and are also available in the Lego series, there are no duplicates, as each character is wearing a different outfit or has a different facial expression. Flanders is wearing BBQ gear in the house set version, but is in his usual green get up in the minifigure series. With the second series of Simpsons Lego coming out this May, (featuring Patty, Selma, Willie plus loads more) there will be even more Legoey goodness to add in!


The only real issue I had with the house was that it was super difficult to assemble, especially considering it is made for people of the age twelve and up. It took, myself, my dad and my sister three days to assemble. Understandably it would have probably taken half the time if there weren’t missing pieces. At the time the missing pieces really frustrated me, but ordering new ones from Lego was painless. I literally logged onto the website, requested the missing items and they were with me a week later. Lego customer service was outstanding.

So overall, I love this house. Even though it took a while to build it was great fun. Would it have been nice to have the missing rooms included? Yes, but you can’t have everything. The point is that this is a perfect collectors item for any Lego fan or a great toy for any child. Is it worth the money? Yes? No? I don’t know? As amazing as it is I still think its RRP could have been slightly cheaper, especially since the currency conversion from the United States to the UK does not correlate. Do I regret asking for it though? Never. Roll on the next Lego series and set because I am ready for you… Shame my bank balance isn’t.


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