Legotastic- The Kwik-E-Mart Edition

Legotastic- The Kwik-E-Mart Edition

I was sat outside Bristol Zoo on a bench waiting for the bus. It was a really hot day and I was feeling tired, irritant and slightly dehydrated. I began to check my emails to help pass the time when I noticed that I had an email from Lego VIP. It said that as a VIP member I could purchase the Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart early. With a big grin slapped across my face I jumped into the air. My legs were tucked behind me and my arms were above my head. The camera caught me in mid air, the feeling of joy encapsulated forever!  (Just like at the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when it ends on a cheesey smile.)

The Kwik-E-MartWP_20150513_18_27_31_Pro only took me two days to build. To be honest, if I didn’t have a five hour shift in the morning and didn’t quit the build around seven in the evening, then I probably could have built it in one day. The Kwik-E-Mart took considerably less time to build than the house. For some reason even building Chief Wiggums car seemed easier than building Homers car. The instructions book was very clear this time around and came in the form of a proper book, not three pamphlets. Only once did I mess the build up while assembling it and even then it took minimal time to fix the problem, unlike the house which was a nightmare with all its beige corner pieces and what not. Overall, this set was both easy and fun to build. Ten outta ten for the build dynamics Lego!

Another aspect which I like about the Kwik-E-Mart is how detailed it is. The set comes with two sticker sheets, which although are a pain to put on straight, reference the show in many ways. For instance, there is a sticker of Jasper which goes over one of the freezers. This references the episode “Lisa the Simpson” where Jasper attempts to freeze himself in the Kwik-E-Mart so he can wake in the future. Apu however, sees this as a money maker and so markets Jasper as “Frostillicus” and re-brands the Kwik-E-Mart as the Freak-E-Mart. The Powersauce bars are also a nice reference.


Its exterior resembles the show pretty nicely. The bike racks outside and the phone booths are nice touches. Even things like the posters in the window and the “El barto” graffiti on the dumpster mirror the Kwik-E-Mart from the show. One criticism I do have though is that it is the wrong colour. In the show it is a beige, however, the set is a bright yellow. As for the interior, the set has all the important features of the Kwik-E-Mart like the hot dog counter, doughnut counter and squishee machine. The detail in this set is just wow.

You also get limited edition Minifigures, like Snake. Since you cannot get Snake in any of the other series, his presence brings up the value. Big set Minifigure one offs on Ebay can go for a small fortune. For instance, in the Harry Potter Lego set, The Burrow you get Bellatrix Lestrange. This is her first and only Minifigure appearance. Bellatrix Minifigures go between twenty five andWP_20150513_18_27_44_Pro fourty pounds on Ebay. That is a lot of dollar for a Lego figure. Although Chief Wiggum and Apu both featured in series one, they are fashioning different outfits which also make them special exclusives. Chief Wiggum has jam all down his front and face while Apu has his Kwik-E-Mart uniform on.

One thing which did miff me off about the Minifigures included in this set was that some are the same as previous series or sets. I now have four Homers, two of which are identical. I also have four Barts of which three are identical. And lastly, I have four Maggies, all of which are pretty much the same. If you are a true Simpsons Lego fan, then of course you are going to buy all the Minifigures and sets, so why include the same figure time after time? I swear if there is a third Simpsons Lego Minifigure series and I buy yet another identical Maggie, I will be one pissed off Lego fan.

It would have also been nice if the garden on the roof resembled the garden from the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian”. They could have put more greenary, a couple of trees and a piano up there. But then again I guess it would have compromised aesthetics as on screen you cannot see the garden and if you could see the garden in the set then it just wouldn’t look the same.


Overall the set seems a lot more value for money in comparison to the Lego house. It is ten pound cheaper and there is so much more detail to it. Oh, and did I mention you also get Chief Wiggums police car? To be honest it took me a while to really come up with any major faults with this set. It is just amazing. It just makes me wonder what will be next in line for the Simpsons Lego universe?  Moes, Springfield Elementary or even the Power plant would be pretty awesome.  Until my next Simpsons Lego review, come again!

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