Legotastic- Series Thirteen Minifigure Edition

Legotastic- Series Thirteen Minifigure Edition

There comes a time in ones life when a person realises that they may own too many Lego Minifigures. I mentioned in my review of the Simpsons house that I am a massive fan of Lego, but I really don’t think that the words “massive fan” really give my addiction the credit it deserves. Earlier today I calculated that I have one hundred and thirty nine Lego figures which come from the blind bag Minifigure series. This number doesn’t take into account of my twenty nine Harry Potter Lego figures, fifteen from various sets and many other random Minifigures which I couldn’t not buy. Plus, one custom made Mr Gold.

So, I guess what I am trying to convey is that I’m super serious when it comes to Lego. And now you know how much Lego means to me it won’t seem (so) odd when I say that yesterday was a very exciting day for me. Want to know why? Because I completed series thirteen, AKA the latest Lego Minifigure series. And since I competed it, I thought I would share the series with you and tell you what I thought of it. So here goes.

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Hot Dog Man

This is one of my favourite Lego Minifigures from the series. Although every series has at least one Lego figure dressed in an outfit of some sort, never before has a figure been dressed up as something edible. Not only does this figure look adorable but it could be the beginning of many food themed Minifigures in the future.

Snake Charmer

This character is awesome. The snake is so adorable. This is one of my favourites. Don’t ya think it is awesome?


My sister and I thought that the addition of a king was a nice touch because there hasn’t been any kings in past series. (That I am aware of anyway.) The king stands out as it’s alike none of the other figures in this series. It is completely individual.

Unicorn Girl

This Lego figure is adorable. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t really come with any accessories. I understand that the figure does have a helmet add on and also a detachable tail, but if I am honest there isn’t really much to this Lego figure at all. Amongst the rest of the series it sort of gets over looked. It sure is cute though.

Alien Guy

Back in series eight there was an alien Minifigure which makes this figure a little less special as it is just a regurgitation of a previous idea. However, this Minifigure does look completely different. The series eight figure was just plain creepy, whereas this one is actually a little bit cute. But then again, I might just be saying that because it looks a lot like Zoidberg from Futurama and man do I love Futurama.

Goblin (apparently)

I am not going to lie, I had to actually look on the Lego website to find out what this Lego figure was. Does it look like a goblin to me? I guess so? I just don’t really understand why it is carrying a little sack? Did it intercept Santa’s sleigh and steal all the Christmas presents? This is not one of my favourite figures from this series.


This character feels like it has been made before, but an Egyptian lady does not appear in any previous series. I guess what I am trying to say is that this Lego Minifigure feels a little bit generic. It is pretty cool though and links nicely to the palaeontologist.

Builder Man

This was the first Lego figure I got from this series. It is a really simple idea which works really well. This guy looks like he would be best friends with the painter guy from series ten. The accessories really add to the character as well. The little pine wood panel is really sweet. He could be the DIY man for my Simpsons Lego house!

Lady Cyclops

In series nine a male Cyclops man thing was released and so it was no surprise that eventually they would release a female version. I like how certain Minifigures connect with previous series. It’s just a shame the they almost always release the male version first.

Disco Diva

This figure is pretty cool. I like it when Lego figures have roller skates, although I am not too sure why this one has skates. Does she work in some sort of disco, skating diner? I must admit that I thought this character was a guy at first. It wasn’t until closer inspection that I realised it was a lady.


In previous series there are a lot of different sporty figures. We have had a boxer, a baseball player, another baseball player, a fitness instructor, a football player and a swimmer. A fencer is a nice addition as it’s not only interesting but it’s also sticking to this sporting theme, whichraises awareness of different sports one could try out.

Evil Wizard…

When I first got this Lego figure I honestly didn’t think that this strange guy was a wizard. The devil yes, but a wizard. No. Do I like this Lego figure? Not so much. Sigh.


Likewise with the Egyptian, this character feels generic and I think this is because it looks very similar to a bandit man in series six. The wanted poster accessory is pretty cool though.


The accessories to this Minifigure are really cute, but I can’t help but think a young child would lose them in about five minutes. I am twenty two and I nearly lost the little fossil. This character is fun and also educational. I doubt the kids are watching the hit TV show Friends any more, so how else would the kids learn what a palaeontologist is?

Samurai Swords Person

This figure is pretty cool. Check out those swords. If I woke up one day really really tiny, and Lego figures could move, then I would not want to mess with this Minifigure.

Galaxy Trooper

I’m not really sure what a “Galaxy Trooper” is so I guess whatever one of those guys is, looks like this. Every now and then a bulky Lego Minifigure crops up. Half the time I don’t really know what they are and to be honest I think half the time they are just there to bulk up the series. But, maybe some people like them?

So overall this series is ten out of ten, would buy… Well I guess I already have bought it. Would it kill Lego to make a few more Lego characters ladies though? Each Minifigure is individual in it’s own way which is fabulous because don’t you just hate it when a Lego series is mostly the same?

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