I Love Me Some TV

I Love Me Some TV

It has been about a week and a half since I last posted something on here and so I thought I owed you all an explanation… Or at least an apology; like how Panic at the Disco apologise for disappearing with their hit single We are so Starving on their second album Pretty Odd. But I digress, I bet you are all thinking what could I possibly be doing which is more important than blogging? I guess my first excuse would be that I was busy. The word busy is described as having a lot of stuff to do. To some extent this is true, I have many silly little things to do like upload some shoe listings to Ebay and to transfer some money around. I do have a “to do list”. But, if I am totally honest, it’s not even like I have been doing those things. My endless list of things to do is still endless.

WP_20150403_10_53_00_ProYou see, my life has recently been swallowed up by Friends. Man do I love me some Friends. This must be at least the fourth or fifth time I have binged the whole series, but I can’t stop myself from watching it. Each time I watch it, it’s like meeting with an old friend. I still find the jokes funny and even after several watches, I am still finding things out which I didn’t realise the first, second or the third time around. The last time I binged the series was roughly three years ago and so since then I have forgotten a lot of the details so it’s like discovering the show all over again. There is also something about watching a show from the nineties. The show reminds me of my younger years and has a lot of memories attached to it. Plus Chandler is so cool.

Do I have some sort of Friends addiction? Probably? Ok I do. But the question I want to ask you, is do you binge on the same TV series time and time again? Is it normal to get enjoyment out of the same material over and over? If so what is it you like about that show? What makes it unique? Or is watching the same thing time after time just a waste of the precious time we have on this earth?

Message me your comments folks!

But in the meantime enjoy some Panic at the Disco.

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