Guest Post by Adam Randall- Beauty

Guest Post by Adam Randall- Beauty

I was very flattered when Chloe asked me to write a blog post for A Man Eating Pie. I look forward to the new entries as they come, and always enjoy reading them, especially the Lego reviews! I started up my own blog (Trusty Water Blog) four years ago, and just the other day I was having a phone interview and the employer said “so, I understand you have a website where you write about water?” and I wonder if Chloe will ever be asked if she writes about pies that eat human beings.

Anyway, for my guest blog post I want to talk about beauty; specifically, I want to talk about the beauty of people. Whenever I am talking with a friend and they express a lack of confidence in their appearance, I always tell them that they are beautiful and that all people are beautiful. What’s sad is that sometimes people think I’m just saying that to be nice, but it’s a belief of mine which I hold onto sincerely.

The first reason for my having this belief is that there is no rational, logical and definitive way that you can say somebody is not beautiful. Beauty is a tangible concept and not something which is actually based on any specific thing in reality. One person is beautiful in the eyes of somebody while another is not in the eyes of somebody else. There’s no way that a person should look, and to comment negatively about a person’s appearance implies there is, so I prefer to just say that everybody is beautiful, because everybody should feel good about their appearance (though, of course, based on the world we live in it is understandable that people are made to think otherwise). Before anyone says it, I recognise that what I’ve just said only means that  you can’t say someone is beautiful or that they are not beautiful, but with both points being equally valid, why would you go for the negative conclusion?

Anyway, the above may be a good rational, objective argument about human beauty, but now I want to talk a little more about my own personal thoughts. I think that all of my closest friends are very beautiful people. My reason for that? It’s positive association. I have a collage on my computer that I call my “Friend Square” and it’s pictures of twenty-three friends of mine with whom I have had the closest relationships. They all look beautiful and the reason for that is when I look at them I am reminded of all the exceedingly pleasant and affectionate moments I have had with all of them.

The reason these people are beautiful is because their face is the visual cue for their mind and soul. I hope that that makes sense and doesn’t come across as meaningless positivity. Let me take you, kind reader, as an example: I am sure you have at least one person in your life who likes you a lot; I am sure you have at least one person in your life who’ll smile when they see you coming along because they know you so well and enjoy spending time with you. This is because you are beautiful. This is why everybody is beautiful.

Of course, I mustn’t be presumptuous! Not everybody has the luxury/privilege of loving friends and family. If that is the case for anybody reading this, I certainly hope that somebody finds the beauty within you soon, because it is absolutely within you.

Written By Adam Randall

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