I am not going to pretend I am some adventurous soul. I hate walking in mud, fields make me nervous because of the hidden pot holes and the sound of running water always makes me wanna pee. But recently, I have found myself out and about (in the sun might I add) and I think that a pretty view is something everyone can appreciate. So here are some of the beautiful views I have seen recently. P.s Photography isn’t my strong suite so no taking the micky, okay?

Wick, Bristol


Chudleigh, Devon


Chesil Beach, Dorset



Portland Bill, Dorset


Westbury, Wiltshire


Shearwater Lake, Wiltshire


Salisbury Hill, Bath


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  1. The first two places and the second to last place are locations where I could lay down and fall asleep in seconds. They look very peaceful. We don’t have areas like those where I live. It’s mostly desert and corn.

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