A Very Candle Christmas

A Very Candle Christmas

In the merry ole city of Bath there is a Yankee candle store. At first, I didn’t visit, until one fateful Saturday when I was shopping with my best friend. I decided to buy two votive candles and ever since then I have been hooked on Yankee candles. Is this another addiction story just like my obsession with Lego? Oh yes. The addiction is bad! You should see my candle box. It is crazy full of all the smelly delights imaginable. Since I love candles so much though, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites from this years Christmas range. YAY Christmas. (I am feeling a bit festive again now.)

Fireside Treats Jar


Okay, okay, you got me, Fireside Treats isn’t actually a part of the Christmas range. When I bought this one, it was candle of the month though. What does candle of the month mean? It means you get 25% off. There are usually a couple of candle of the months to choose from and so if you want to try a Yankee candle and not pay full price then they are a great starting point. (They also make fab gifts. My Dad loves Yankee candles.) Fireside Treats is my all time favorite candle. It has the right balance of sweet to musky. It smells just like toasted marshmallows.

Snowflake Cookie Jar


I am not really sure what a snowflake flavored cookie would taste like if I am honest? I mean do snowflakes even taste of anything? Or does it mean snowflake shaped cookies? The name of this candle will remain ambiguous forever. Anyhoo, I can remember baking some vanilla cookies for my friends a few years ago. This candle smells just like cookies while they are baking away in the oven. These days I can’t be bothered to bake for my friends, but at least I can still enjoy the smell through this candle.

Sugared Apple Tealights 


Sweet apple scented candles. Do I need to say anymore? I didn’t think so. One thing I will say is that tealights are an awesome investment as each tea light burns between four-six hours. Plus, because there are more of them you can distribute them around the room so you get that apple amazing om nom nom smell at ever angle. Whats that? Off to get something from your draw. Smells of apple still.

Christmas Garland Wax Tart


It is Christmas morning and a very young excited me is being very irritating and keeps going into my parents room to check the time. I’ve been told that I can only open my presents when 7 o’clock comes around. (I wanted to open my presents at 3.00) As I walk back and forth from room to room I can smell pine and cranberries. The Christmas Garland scent takes me back to being a kid with its traditional warm scent. Wax tarts fill the air with a beautiful scent for up to eight hours. That is a really good deal for a couple of quid.

Candy Cane Lane Votive


The Yankee candle website describes this one as “a favourite Christmas place where delicious dreams are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.” I couldn’t have described it better myself. Votive candles can burn up to fifteen hours and you can also pick up some jazzy holders for them. Hmm all this talk of cookies and icing is making me hungry. (Eyes up candle.) Na, candles aren’t edible. Or are they? No.

Deck the Halls Wax Burner


Well, if you have bought a ton of wax tarts (like I have totally done) then chances are you will probably want a special Christmassy wax burner (like I totally did). This is one of many designs which Yankee have in the Xmas range. Another one I like the look of is red and has a golden Santa in his sleigh. This one only cost me £12.99. You can also get votive holders and candle shades to match the same design. Aww it’s festive!

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