Check ’em Out


Well, why not check out some of my friends work, I am only friends with very talented individuals so their content is going to be top notch. (Must. Refrain. From. Putting. Winky. Emoji.) 

Adam Randall 

Check out the wonderful writing talents of Adam. He writes about anything and everything on his blog. He even does puppet shows.  Check ‘im out.

Click here for Adam’s blog

 Oscar Taylor-Kent

Check out Oscar’s hip new website where he explores everything which is funny and depressing too, because he is apparently fine with that. Check ‘im out.

Click here for Oscar’s blog

Liam Burford

Check out Liam Burford, games enthusiast. (He loves Halo.) He mainly focuses on streaming games and doing funny gaming YouTube videos.  But, there is the odd video where he tries (cough, fails, cough) to make pancakes. Check ‘im out.

Click here for Liam’s Twitter

Click here for Liam’s YouTube channel

Click for his Twitch TV page

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