Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Plot: Absolutely Fabulous focuses on Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) who is desperately trying to get her life back in order. After a book deal goes sour, she decides that she must find new clients to do PR for. When Patsy (Joanna Lumley) gets wind that Kate Moss has recently sacked her PR manager, Eddie and Patsy concoct a plan to get her. However, when Kate Moss falls into the Thames and goes missing, shit goes down.

Review: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is definitely not fabulous. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the original TV show, but should that really matter? (I saw the Sex in the City film before the show and I loved it.) There must be some crazy reason why BBC decided to give it a theatrical release opposed to a TV one, surely? However, does it really work as a stand alone movie? I don’t think so. From the off, the plot is confusing if you don’t know Patsy works in the fashion industry. We are just meant to believe that Patsy and Eddie’s selfish attitude is fueled by, well nothing, we just have to sort of believe that they are they way they are because they just are. There is some character development for Eddie, but Patsy remains untouched and by the end of the film we still know little about her.

The comedy is very cringe worthy and provided very few laugh out loud moments from not only myself, but also the half full cinema auditorium. (Bubbles exaggerated outfits also made me feel very uneasy.) Although Absolutely Fabulous is coined a comedy, there are touches of action and drama. Yet, dramatic scenes of self reflection did not make me feel sad and the action scenes did not make me root for the characters. Arguable the main duo actually come off as anti-heroes. But hey ho, anti-hero, hero, surely we are meant to like our protagonists to some extent, right? Brief celebrity appearances are used to break some ice and these are pulled off nicely. A scene with Rebel Wilson did make me laugh.

Verdict: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie would have made a better feature length episode rather than a movie. Characters are exaggerated to the point that they are no longer believable. Plot has potential, but the comedy is weak. The only factor which makes this film almost enjoyable is its cast. The celebrity cameos are really quite excellent. If you are a fan of the original TV show, give it a go, but if not, avoid it like a model would avoid carbs.

This film gets:  ★ ★ out of  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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