About Yours Truly

THIS IS ME. Yes, I am a cartoon in real life.

… What do people write about on their “about me” pages? So here goes. I am a very annoying individual who whines a lot and complains about pretty much everythi… I’ve been told that I am meant to write “nice things” about myself.

Hmmm, let’s see. I am Chloe and I am 25 years old. (I seem to be doing pretty darn good at this “about me” malarkey now.) AND I LOVE STORIES! TV shows are good. Games are great. Books, simply magnificent. But films, films are where my true love lies–filed right next to cake in my brain. 

This blog is about everything that makes me happy. I guess, some people could argue that this publication could also be used as a very inspiring and informative platform to learn about things. 

Lots of Love



P.S From time to time I may also get my friends to post stuff on here too, so keep an eye out for guest authors. 

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