A Kitting Companion

FB_20150207_21_07_19_Saved_Picture (1)A dog is a man’s best friend, apparently. I disagree. I think any pet can be someone’s friend and for me it is my cat Jub Jub.

As a kitten I didn’t really pay much attention to my Jub Jub. I was wrapped up in my teenage angst period and the
little guy took a shining to my Dad. And so it would seem that Jub Jub and I had an irregular relationship to begin with. Typically, people idolise kittens but when they grow up and stop being so adorable, the novelty wears off. The cat is still loved and looked after, yet the relationship just isn’t the same as when the cat was a baby. But, I guess what I am trying to say is that I love my cat now way more than I did when he was a kitten.

Jub Jub was born in early 2009 and I really started to love him, love him early 2010. The question was, what made me start noticing how adorable the little guy was? Well it’s a funny story actually. My sister had a strange dream that he got eaten by a giant snake. This sorta worried me and it made me think of a world without Jub Jub. I did not like the idea of this Jub Jubless world and so I started to pay him more attention. I would sneak him extra dreamies, give him lots of cuddles and urged him to nap on my bed. Eventually Jub Jub and I formed a bond.

Even though he cannot speak and offer me condolences, Jub Jub is always there for me. If I am feeling sad, him just sitting on my lap and purring away makes me feel better. When I have had an argument with a loved one and I feel like the loneliest person on Earth, his presence makes me whole again. His little cat face always cheers me up. And the strange thing is, is that I think he loves me back too. When he is in the garden and we need to get him in before it gets dark, I am the only one he listens to. If he is asleep on the sofa and I sit next to him, he will always come and sit on me. Jub Jub and I have a special companionship.

Back in secondary school I was voted most likely to become a crazy cat lady and to be honest I am probably considered a crazy cat lady to some people. However, I am sure that many of you will understand what I mean when I talk about the relationship with my cat. After all, pets aren’t just pets, they are friends. If we can seek solace in human companionships, then why not with animals?


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