Hello again! Sorry for not posting anything recently over the past…

I begin to count on my fingers…

GEEZ! SIX WEEKS! That’s a bloody long time not to post anything. Ya know what, I don’t think I can even call myself a writer anymore. Na, I can. I still write on my Microsoft surface in coffee shops. (The folks in the shop don’t need to know I am only posting on Facebook.)

But, I digress, I haven’t forgotten about you. Nu-uh. Stay tuned for many exciting new articles including a new Legotastic article. Oooo, exciting huh? Yes, I won’t give it away, cough, Lego Tumbler, cough. I will also be writing about “My Trip to the Lush Spa.” I will most likely dedicate a few hundred words to how beautiful the Animal Crossing New 3DS is, as well as Happy Homes Design and the many Animal Crossing Amiibo figures. I am also quite tempted to review the new Deadpool movie.

So once again, apologies for not writing anything in a wee while. I am totally back on the blogging train. (I blame Christmas. Okay, okay, I blame my laziness. Phew, feel so much better now I have told the truth.)

I would have liked to say I would talk again in the New Year, but that was weeks ago in the non-writing period. Alas, we shall talk again in the Chinese New Year! (8th feb.)

Ta ta for now xx

p.s If you are still annoyed at me for not posting, here is a picture of my breakfast. You can’t be hungry and angry at the same time right? Right?


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