The Pie Edition- A Humble Pie Co Review

The Pie Edition- A Humble Pie Co Review

After work the other day I wanted to feel a little bit festive and so I decided to walk through the Bath Christmas market on my way home. While weaving my way through the crowds I could see flashes of Christmas decorations, handmade Christmas garlands and many tasty treats. (Of course that amazing roasted nut smell and mulled wine smell filled the air also. It made me feel very hungry.) If I am honest I bypassed most of the stands, until one in particular caught my attention. This shed was, and is, devoted to pie. Safe to say I got me one of these pies.


I chose a classic stake and ale pie–there are many other flavours to choose from as well–and it was delicious. From reading the ingredients on the back of the pack everything is fresh and there appears to be no preservatives or any synthetics prolonging its life span. These pies are as fresh as they come and it is very noticeable while eating them. The pastry has the right balance of crispiness and you don’t have to worry about finding gristle in these pies, oh no. Yeah sure, you only have four or five days to eat them, but seriously, who could leave a pie in the house that long anyway?

On the side of the pack it says “as butchers, relationships with local Somerset farmers are really important to us so we have access to the best quality fresh meat and veg.” I have to admit that it is super easy to go to a supermarket and buy cheap meat, but sometimes it is really nice to support local business. It is even nicer to support a local business which supports local farmers. With these pies you know exactly where the meat and veg comes from. It is even nicer to experience what the west country has to offer.

They go on to say “we shred the meat rather than dice it to make sure you get meat in every bite.” Yes, I totally had meat in every bite. Because it is shredded I found it easier to consume and enjoy. I swear it cooked a lot quicker than other pies as well. Of course you don’t have to heat to eat it, but I do like my pie with some chips and peas, maybe a dash of gravy as well. WP_20151127_20_24_31_Pro

What is even more awesome about these pies is that in 2013 the Humble Pie Co came first in the British Pie awards and have won many other prizes since then. These are some premium pies.

Do I have anything bad to say about these pies? Nope.

Sadly, I am not a professional pie tastier, (that would be the best job ever though) but I know a good pie when I taste one. So if you are a pie lover, then stop by the Bath Christmas market this year and give a Humble Pie a go. My mouth is watering at the thought of another one.

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