I am unsure of what the time is. All I know is that it is neither late, nor early, therefore it must be somewhere in between.  I am in that state of transition between the waking and the dream world. I follow a blue cat aboard a train. The cat walks on its hind legs as if human. He wears a black and red chequed jumper and is muttering some sort of gibberish. Next, I am on a beach and I am fishing. My bulbous head sways from side to side with happiness. But wait, I’ve caught something. Could it be a pale chub? Or perhaps a dace? It turns out to be… a tyre. I wake up crying. As I regain conscientiousness, a sour thought re-enters my mind, “Nintendo didn’t announce a new Animal Crossing title at E3.” I fear I may never sleep again. 

As you can tell from my dramatic opening, I am miffed that a new Animal Crossing title has still not been confirmed. Logic tells me that there must be a new one coming out at some point in the future and so I can’t help but remain hopeful. (I know right, I am such a fool!) The question is, after such a disappointing presentation from Nintendo at this years E3, when will any of the good titles be announced?

It would appear that a lot of people felt the same as myself. The Nintendo E3 presentation was lacking exciting titles and focused why too much on Super Smash Bros. Following the E3 presentation Nintendo’s share price dropped significantly by around 6%. That is crazy.

However, with a huge song and dance surrounding Super Smash, perhaps Nintendo did not want another game title–I dunno, like a certain ANIMAL CROSSING–from stealing the games thunder. After all, Super Smash has a massive fan base behind it and a lot of people were very excited to see new game footage. Perhaps, this could explain why not much else was announced?

In addition, Reggie Fils-Aimé, the President of Nintendo America, teased that “we hold things close to the vest. We love to surprise the overall community and environment, and when we surprise, we surprise big.” If the past is much to go by, then I am sure we can expect an impromptu Nintendo Direct out of the blue soon? 

In the mean time I have prepared some pictures for you to express my disappointment.

Me before E3
Me after E3







… and if you are still not convinced of my disappointment, let me persuade you through the power of poorly written poetry.

Ode to Animal Crossing

A season of lustre, pollen and freedom drew me to you.

It was a different age.

Time flowed like thick lime syrup into lemonade.

Unstoppable. Inevitable. Inescapable.

Then you offered saturated colour– I took it.

In return I watered and fed you.

I picked at the weeds with animated hands

and I shook your trees and

with the fruits of my labour I

built a home.


When the sun was eaten from the sky, I tricked you.

I ran through years, reaping the rewards of your time.

I robbed from you

and I denied you my attention and

then I erased you from history.

Ready to turn a New Leaf.


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