The Men, the Women and the Gun Dream

Dream logged on 11/04/2015

I am in a hotel but it looks nothing like any hotel room I have ever stayed in. There is no bed, but there is a massive square bar which sits in the centre of the room. Stools are scattered around it. There is a huge window at the back of the room but a blind covers most of it so only a small gap of sunlight can enter the room. A part from this tiny amount of light entering the room, it remains pretty much pitch dark.

The room is empty apart from myself and another lady. I have never met this lady in my real life, but I know she is my companion. We seem to be close and I know she is here because we have both got ourselves into some sort of mess and we need each other to get ourselves out of it. I am not entirely sure what her name is so I will just call her my accomplice.

I go over to the blind and bring it up a few inches before sitting back on one of the bar stools. My accomplice and myself are waiting for someone. I keep thinking in my head “they must give a confession. They just have to confess. We cannot go down for this. This was not our crime. They must confess to their crime.”

Some time passes when two men show up. They are dressed in black suites. One wears a pink t-shirt while the other wears a white one. They don’t seem very pleasant at all. One of the men takes a seat next to my accomplice, while the other moves around to the other side of the bar and pours each of us a drink. I take a sip of my drink and even though it is a dark burgundy colour, it is tasteless.

We begin talking, but I can’t remember about what exactly. A man knocks on the door.  He is a member of the hotel staff and asks if we would like any tea. I say yes and he enters the room and places four cups and a teapot on the side of the bar before leaving.

We continue to talk but the conversation takes a turn for the worse. The man stood behind the bar gets really angry. My accomplice tries to calm him down but he gets even more angry and starts smashing alcohol bottles. I begin to yell at both the men, demanding that they admit to what they did. The man sat down mumbles something.

I then pick up the teapot and remove a small recording device from it. Before the men catch on to what I am doing I go over to the window and pass the recording device to a camera person outside.

I must go into a deeper sleep because there is a massive gap in the dream.

The next thing I know is that I am in a different hotel room. This room is an “L” shape and a bed is tucked around the corner out of view. A sofa rests in front of a window which myself and my accomplish sit on. As I sit there I can’t help but think we are out of our depth here. The situation feels different and I have a pit of dread in the bottom of my stomach. I wonder how someone could even film outside when it is pitch dark outside. I keep thinking that this time is nothing like the last time with the two men.

Eventually two ladies turn up. Unlike the men, these ladies are dressed in casual attire. The ladies sit next to us on the sofa and we begin to discuss stuff.

There is a knock on the door and the same hotel member from before enters the room with a teapot and four cups. I take them from him and set them down on the side of the sofa. While I am on my feet I wonder over to the window and look outside trying to spot the camera person, but no one is there.

As I begin to walk back toward to sofa I notice that one of the ladies has the recorder from the teapot in her hand. Shocked, I glance at my accomplice who is stood frozen on the spot. I look back at the ladies. The lady holding the recorder takes out a gun from her pocket, points it at my accomplice and shoots her. She then turns the gun to me.

I then wake up.

Note: Hover over the bold words to find out what each aspect of this dream means according to Mr Edwin Raphael. Reference: Raphael, E, (1992) The Complete Book of Dreams, Slough: Foulsham

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