When Kiko Milano Appeared in Bath Southgate

When Kiko Milano Appeared in Bath Southgate

When strolling through Southgate a few days ago, I got a little bit distracted when I saw a new make-up shop. (I was on a mission to buy some deodorant.) From the outside of the shop, Kiko Milano looks very chrome and plush. As I entered the shop I can remember thinking “I bet i’ll walk in, take one lap of the shop, find that I don’t want anything or that everything is a billion pound and then exit.” But, I was totally wrong. The range of make-up is vast and there is plenty of choice when it comes to colour. The products are well displayed and there are plenty of testers to try. The prices are reasonable and the staff seem friendly too. And so half an hour later, I left with some really nice goodies. Here is what I got:

Super Colour Mascara

08- Pearly Charcoal

Admittedly, I went for black, but black goes with everything and a bright purple would have clashed with my red eye shadow anyway. Well, what can I say about this one? From the first stroke you get the colour you are after, which is pretty much what someone who is buying “super colour” mascara would expect. It does increase lash volume to some extent and it is easy to apply. I haven’t had any clumping issues as of yet, but I find clumping tends to happen when the mascara gets a little bit older. Overall, not a bad mascara. Would I buy other colours from the range? Yeah, go on then. At £3.90 a pop, it’s not a bad investment at all.

Glitter Top Coat Mascara

Only available in silver

The idea is to apply this one after using a regular mascara. The bristles on the wand are soft and are fairly short which means when applying it you aren’t removing the mascara underneath. (A problem I have found with many many nail varnish top coats.) However, I found that the glitter doesn’t distribute evenly. Either that, or the glitter only seems to be noticeable on the tips of the lashes. Definitely worth £3.90 though.

Colour Sphere Eye Shadow

40- Gray Multicolour

 This eye shadow looks beautiful. It is super creamy, easy to apply and is even easier to blend with other colours to create smoky eyes. It’s coverage is amazing and can even be used wet or dry. I find that my eyes can sometimes be sensitive when it comes to super glittery eye shadow, but I had no issues when using this one. This eye shadow is a little bit more than I wanted to pay (£5.90), but it was totally worth it. I mean it is incredibly shiny and pretty. The only down side to this product is that there is no space to attach a brush to the palette, which makes it awkward for travelling.

Nail Lacquer

530- Pearly Blue Peacock

I found that this nail varnish needs the standard two coats like most nail varnish on the market. After a day of wearing it, it has chipped a little bit, but most of it still remains intact. The finish is pearly and glittery and there is a nice ratio of colour to glitter–it isn’t one of those nail varnishes which is about three bits of glitter and the rest solid colour. To be honest, considering this nail varnish was only £2.50 (generally, nail varnish is £3.00 plus)  it is a really good quality. Would I buy more from this brand? Yes, I think I would. 

Infinity Eye Shadow

208- Mat Red

I found myself going back to the store a couple of days later to buy this one. Very few brands do red eye shadow and I found myself drawn to it. This eye shadow is meant to last up to twelve hours and if I didn’t keep prodding my tired eyes, it would have probably held out. It’s texture is surprisingly velvety and it is fairly easy to work with. It’s coverage is fairly average, but what does one expect? It only costs £2.80. This eye shadow is also paraben free. The biggest selling point for this one is that it has a patented [CLICS] system. This means that you can buy special cases (with a mirror) which the small palettes click into. This is super awesome as it means you can personalise the colours you travel with.

Smart Eye Pencil


Usually, I tend to stay away from wooden pencils. I have had too many incidents when I have jammed the wood into my eye. (My eyes are watering just thinking about the pain.) But, since I got on so well with the eye shadows, I thought I would give the eye liner a try. In the past, I have had many coverage issues with eye liner. With some brands it doesn’t matter how many times I glide the pencil across my eye because nothing shows. Fortunately, I did’t have that issue with this one. It has a very creamy texture which means application is even and easy. Again, this eye liner is paraben free. The only bad side to this one is that it did disintegrate after about half a day. But, I can’t complain too much because this is another issue I have had with pretty much every other eye liner I have ever tried. Not bad for £2.50 though.

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