The Birthday Event and the Moving Rug Dream

Dream logged on 17/02/2015

I am trying to scrub a plate in a sink. Every time I try to get the plate clean it magically becomes dirty again. I keep thinking to myself that I cannot join in on the birthday fun until I have cleaned the plate.

I seem to be at work, however it is not the place I work in real life. I am in a coffee shop. I know it is a coffee shop as the words ‘coffee shop’ are plastered across one of the walls. The place is open and airy. There are very few tables. This confuses me because in comparison to the size of the shop, which is huge, there only appears to be about four tables. These tables are a deep mahogany wood and one chair sits beneath each. Even though it is a coffee shop, there isn’t a coffee bar, instead there is a table with a giant jam sponge, several smaller bright pink cakes and a cafetière on.

I am stood in the back corner next to one lonely sink where I am scrubbing the plate. I still can’t seem to get it clean. I watch as my colleges, people who I have never met in real life before, celebrate a friend of mines birthday. You may have heard of him, he goes by Lemonaded on YouTube.

I give up trying to clean the plate and decide to join the others. As soon as I put the plate down some one says, “let’s all go to Weatherspoon and continue the birthday celebrations!”

My friends replies with “na I can’t go to Spoons because I have a broken leg.” This notion is baffling because he is stood on both his feet, absolutely fine.

Everyone leaves and I must fall into a deeper sleep as there is a massive gap in the dream.

The next day I am walking by the shop. I am worried that I left the tap on and I wish I could just let myself in and check it. I am confused as to why no one is in there. Is the shop closed today? Suddenly I remember that I am a key holder and I can just let myself in. I feel relieved. I open the shop to find that multicoloured water has overflown the sink and is everywhere.

I shut off the tap and leave the building without cleaning up the water. I begin to skip down the street when I become worried that I didn’t set the alarm. I begin to panic. After staring though the window at the one lonely sink I decide to call my boss. I give her a call and I find myself taking to Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. She asks for the last three words of my email address. I give them to her and she tells me to wait a moment.

I am still looking through the window when I notice a blue rug on the other side of the window begin to move. The rug has gold embroidered flowers on it, but is neither fancy nor worn. “I am just checking for you now” Samantha says on the line. She moves the rug from the lonely sink all the way to the other side of the coffee shop by the door. “Okay that is all done for you, the alarm is all good now.”

I then wake up.

Note: Hover over the bold words to find out what each aspect of this dream means according to Mr Edwin Raphael. Reference: Raphael, E, (1992) The Complete Book of Dreams, Slough: Foulsham

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