Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Plot: Absolutely Fabulous focuses on Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) who is desperately trying to get her life back in order. After a book deal goes sour, she decides that she must find new clients to do PR for. When Patsy (Joanna Lumley) gets wind that Kate Moss has recently sacked her PR manager, Eddie and Patsy concoct […]

Just Another Deadpool Review *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Despite a small cult following behind Deadpool, for many of us we went into the cinema as blind about the movie as Blind Al is blind. (See what I did there? I think that deserves a crisp high five!) In short, Deadpool is about a man who puts on a mask and seeks revenge on a […]

Mission: Impossible- Rogue Review

(May contain spoilers) I am currently writing this review on a Microsoft Surface while my Nokia 830 sits on my lap. Why is this information relevant do I hear you ask?  Well, it would seem Microsoft phones and laptops have the same caliber of stardom as Tom Cruise himself in Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation. Oh, […]

Legotastic- Series Thirteen Minifigure Edition

There comes a time in ones life when a person realises that they may own too many Lego Minifigures. I mentioned in my review of the Simpsons house that I am a massive fan of Lego, but I really don’t think that the words “massive fan” really give my addiction the credit it deserves. Earlier […]

Unfinished Story Arc. Wait, I mean Business. Unfinished Business.

Threat is defined as a person or a circumstance which is likely to result in damage or danger; the operative word being DANGER. But the big question stands, where is the real danger in Unfinished Business? The character of Chuck (Sienna Miller) acts as the antagonist in the binary opposite dynamic set up from the off. […]

Legotastic- The Simpsons House Edition

With the announcement of  a new Simpsons Lego set this week, I figured why not review the original? So here goes. I was thrilled to receive The Simpsons Lego house as a Christmas present from my sister and my dad. It was something which I had wanted for a very long time, since I am a […]

“Fifty Shades of Fucked Up.” –An actual quote from the film.

What do I and Christian Grey have in common? We both like gin. Although, Bombay Sapphire is my favourite and it would never be my back up gin. (Gin is very serious to me.) I would have thought the icy blue colour of the alcoholic beverage would have much suited Grey’s taste, since Bombay Sapphire is […]