The Day I Got Locked Out Of The House

The evening before I got locked out, my sister’s cat Harry had gone missing. When Harry goes out he usually sits in the back garden chilling. He isn’t very adventurous at all. Earlier that day my dad was fixing the porch light outside the front door and little Harry adventured into unknown territory. Later that evening […]

Merry Lushmas!

Hello! So I haven’t posted nearly enough content about Christmas and since I haven’t done a Lush post in a while, I figured why not do a Christmas Lush post. Hmm, I can just make out a mumble, “but the Lush Christmas range came out in what, September? Why have you left it so late […]

A Very Candle Christmas

In the merry ole city of Bath there is a Yankee candle store. At first, I didn’t visit, until one fateful Saturday when I was shopping with my best friend. I decided to buy two votive candles and ever since then I have been hooked on Yankee candles. Is this another addiction story just like […]

The Pie Edition- A Humble Pie Co Review

After work the other day I wanted to feel a little bit festive and so I decided to walk through the Bath Christmas market on my way home. While weaving my way through the crowds I could see flashes of Christmas decorations, handmade Christmas garlands and many tasty treats. (Of course that amazing roasted nut […]

Fall Out Boy @ Motorpoint Arena 2015

On the 7th October 2015 I attended a Fall Out Boy gig at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. Admittedly, I had seen them before at the same venue a couple of years before. That year the mixing was a bit strange and all I could see was the back of peoples heads. (Man it was […]

My Third Trip to Lush Oxford Street

Do I even need to write an introduction for this one? Na. I don’t think I do. Here is my latest Lush Oxford Street haul. (And my last Lush Oxford Street post.) Enjoy! Sea Salted Caramel Soap This soap contains course sea salt which is perfect for buffing away any dead skin and making your skin […]

When Kiko Milano Appeared in Bath Southgate

When strolling through Southgate a few days ago, I got a little bit distracted when I saw a new make-up shop. (I was on a mission to buy some deodorant.) From the outside of the shop, Kiko Milano looks very chrome and plush. As I entered the shop I can remember thinking “I bet i’ll walk […]